Authentication for Atlassian Server and Data Center products

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We support both SAML and Integrated Windows Authentication

Completely login-free authentication when using ADFS and Integrated Windows Authentication, users hook directly into their windows session.

Use SAML to sign in from anywhere, on any device – mobile apps supported.

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Powerful built-in diagnostics tools

Every setup is different and getting single sign-on to work can sometimes be tricky. With our built-in diagnostics tools you can test and verify your setup, and identify and solve problems related to your network and setup.

Cloud user provisioning

Manage your Atlassian accounts and security policies in one place. You will save time, increase security and gain greater control over your license costs.

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Give your users a smooth login experience – they will love you for it.

If you have any questions or hit unexpected obstacles, our service team is standing by to provide assistance.

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