About us

We are a company of dedicated developers. Our focus is to give you and your users the best possible security experience when using Atlassian software. Kantega SSO AS is owned by the consulting company Kantega AS and is located in Trondheim, Norway.

We spend our time continuously improving our software, so you can spend less time on logins and password and rather doing what you love.

Continuous improvement

Our products are never finished. We work on continuously improving our products so that our customers get the best experience using them. We use feedback and feature requests from our customers to take our products to the next level. We're agile. We work fast and release frequently.

Get in touch with us

We understand that you sometimes can get caught up by unexpected obstacles.
Or you just want to make sure your setup is perfect.
In any case, our team is on stand-by to provide the optimal single sign-on solution for your users.

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Bassengbakken 4
7042 Trondheim

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You can get in touch with us by sending us a mail at contact@kantega-sso.com

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Need support? Submit a ticket at our customer support portal.

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If you would like to talk to us you can head over to kantega-sso.youcanbook.me and book a time that fits you.