New OIDC Engine

Release 4.4.0 is finally out! This release contains an entirely new OIDC engine to enable better extensibility and error handling.
27/10/2020 - OpenID Connect, OIDC

Version 4.4.0 of Kantega SSO Enterprise is released! In this version, we focused on improving OpenID Connect (OIDC). As a result, we have rewritten the entire OIDC engine to make it even more reliable. Our OIDC flow now has better error tracing and gives more detailed feedback upon failures and configuration. Additionally, the changes improve our ability to extend the core functionality and add features specific to individual identity providers. While most of the changes in this release are not visible for users, administrators can now control which scopes to request in the user interface.

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2 Step Login

Redirect to specific SAML identity providers based on email domain, user directory or group memberships.
10/09/2019 - sso, saml

API Tokens

We are proud to release Kantega SSO Enterprise v. 4.1.0 with support for API Tokens. API tokens allow remote agents to establish personalized integrations with Atlassian APIs without compromizing user credentials
11/05/2020 - API tokens

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) verifies a user’s identity by requiring multiple credentials. In addition to username and password, MFA requires additional credentials, such as a code from the user’s smartphone, or a fingerprint.
23/10/2019 - sso, saml, mfa