Kantega SSO Partner Program

Join our trusted community of Atlassian partners. Our Partners get exclusive benefits and insights so that they are equipped to serve our mutual customers better and grow their business. Sign up by sending an email to partnerprogram@kantega-sso.com.

Increase Your Revenue Together

Be Our Customer’s Feature Request Hero | Priority Partner Support

Every customer case is different, and often the feature they need to reach a goal isn’t created yet. As a partner, we will listen to your feature requests and try to tailor our next release to fit your case.

Sales Team at Your Service | Partner in Sales

Sometimes you don’t know everything. We are happy to stay alongside you to help you solve those pesky cases.

Earn Additional Revenue | Exclusive Partner Discounts

Atlassian solution partners get discounts based on partner level and hosting type.

Remain Competitive | Product Roadmap Visibility

Stay in the loop. When it comes to SSO and user management in Atlassian products, we stay up to date and can pass that information on to you, so you keep your competitive edge.

We’re in This Together | Training Support

Helping your customers requires a broad overview of possible solutions. We can help with training.