Single sign-on (SSO) add-on for Atlassians Jira and Confluence

Kantega SSO Authenticator

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a modern single sign-on (SSO) protocol designed for the web, and this is the preferred and future-proof technology for SSO. Our brand new addon Kantega SSO Authenticator supports OIDC combined with your connected user directiories. More information about our brand new addon called Kantega SSO Authenticator.

Our Authenticator add-on includes step-by-step integration guides for Azure AD/Office365, Google GSuite, Okta, AWS Cognito, GitLab, GitHub, Keycloak and many more...

Available for:

Supports all OpenID Connect (OIDC) providers

  • Kantega SSO Authenticator supports any OpenID Connect (OIDC) identity provider.
  • Supports custom claims in JSON Web Tokens (JWT) - Some IdPs support adding custom data (called claims) into the token that is used for authentication. We support mapping custom claims to properties in your Atlassian product.
  • Lazy provisioning of users - Add users to the Atlassian user directory when user log on, assign groups.
  • Our single sign-on (SSO) add-on contains interactive guides for assisted setup, no need to download pdfs or go online.

What is OpenID Connect (OIDC)?

OpenID Connect is a simple identity layer on top of the OAuth 2.0 protocol. It allows your Atlassian instance to use an IdP to verify the authenticity of a user, effectively enabling single sign-on. The protocol also defines a way transfer user information safely between the IdP and server. This means that you do not need to keep passwords on your server.

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Versatile configuration

  • Rulebased configuration gives a clear understanding of setup
  • Mix and match combinations og IdPs based on usernames, domains, directories* and urls* - or just foward users directly.
  • Edit configuration directly using json*
  • Lazy provisioning of users - Add users to the Atlassian user directory when user log on, assign groups.
*Coming soon
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Great setup wizards and supporting documentation

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